Research and Campaigns

Local Campaigns


Joint Campaign to End Benefit Prejudice in the Private Rental Sector

In partnership with Richmond Council we have launched a campaign to stop discrimination against people who receive benefits in the private rentals sector. Our research has found that many landlords and letting agents refuse to consider tenants as soon as they discover that they receive benefits. This is unlawful, forces many residents to remain in unsuitable and unsafe accommodation, and can lead to homelessness in the borough. Find out more here


Social housing tenants’ issues 

We are working with local housing associations in Richmond to address recurrent problems with tenants’ rent arrears, repairs, and neighbour harassment issues.


Cost of living crisis 

Energy costs are soaring. In Richmond nearly far too many people cannot afford to pay their energy bills without cutting back on essential spending. We continue to support Citizens Advice’s national campaign to focus more resources on people who are struggling on low incomes.


How we work

We record evidence and keep statistics anonymously so that individual clients are not identified. We use this evidence, together with other research and statistics, to produce reports and to campaign locally and nationally for improvements in services and changes in the law by:

  • highlighting issues to local councillors, MPs and other policymakers
  • talking to our local council about their services and attending forums and meetings
  • discussing problems with organisations and companies to persuade them to improve their services
  • sharing evidence and ideas with other organisations
  • submitting evidence and recommendations to Citizens Advice centrally, to contribute to national campaigns

We welcome campaigning suggestions and feedback – contact our Research and Campaigns team here


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