What We Do

Specific support we can offer :

Cost of Living Support

In response to the cost-of-living crisis, Richmond Council are funding us to deliver an advice project that supports residents with financial issues.

We are at Ham Library on Fridays 1.30-4.30pm; and at Whitton Library on Wednesdays 11am-2pm. No appointment needed.  More details in this article


Manage your money

We have a dedicated team with the skills and tools to help you better manage your household budget.

Struggling to pay bills? … visit our Money/Debt advice pages


Ukraine Nationals

We receive funding from Richmond Council to support Ukrainians who have come to the UK.

In response to the war in Ukraine the government has made it easier for Ukrainians to come to and remain in the UK. They’ve done this by:

  • introducing a scheme to allow Ukrainians to join family members already in the UK
  • introducing a scheme to allow British nationals to sponsor Ukrainians to enter the UK and stay with them making it easier for Ukrainians with visas to extend or switch them.

This page contains information about the new schemes and the support available for newly arrived Ukrainians. It may be helpful for Ukrainians in Wandsworth and residents who want to host or support Ukrainian refugees: Ukraine Nationals – Richmond (citizensadvicerichmond.org)

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