In Debt / Been told you owe money / want to dispute money owed?

We have a dedicated Money Advice Team.

When you first speak to us, we will talk through your issue, and help you decide the best way forward.

Whatever your debt, we are able to assess the options available to you, whether it’s a benefit overpayment, Rent/Mortgage Arrears a parking fine, a fuel bill, Council Tax or multiple debts; we can help you to decide how best to address your issue whether this is:

•appealing a decision        •disputing energy usage        •challenging a fine            
applying for grants           •asking for a write off             •budgeting
asking for time to pay      •a more formal debt option.


You can book a Video appointment with us for an initial conversation, using our online booking system.
Alternatively, you can complete our online form, and we can assess you from there which may include a call back to discuss your case or arrange a more suitable initial appointment.

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