The current economic climate and outlook will give many of our Clients and potential Clients a range of concerns in all the most common areas for which we are approached: benefits, debt, employment, housing, and energy.  Through your work you will help your colleagues at Citizens Advice Richmond (CAR) to make a real difference to people’s lives in terms of helping specific cases as well as through the role we play as a part of the Citizens Advice National Network in campaigning on a Local and National level to affect positive change in welfare, housing, employment and other areas of social policy

What the Volunteer will do:

  • Complete an introduction to CAR

Depending upon your experience and interests there are a range of possible activities. It is our intention to do just one or two things, do them well and assess the results.  This may then cause us to move onto other activities.  You will be working throughout the organisation with Colleagues who are on the CAR staff and/or who are Volunteers as well as working with the Trustee Board.  The kinds of things that we want, over time, to investigate include:

  • Create a “Friends of Citizens Advice Richmond” initiative in conjunction with the Income Generation working group, the Board and other Colleagues to build a subscription based income stream for CAR
  • Investigate the potential for working with local businesses to promote CAR as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, in order to create preference for CAR within their CSR Strategy
  • Look across the CA Network and other examples in the Charity Sector to find “best practice” that could be replicated in CAR
  • Work with the Management Team and the Income Generation working group to target new funders and/or new channels of funding
  • Work with the organisation to create collateral material to help support new fundraising initiatives for CAR
  • Help to organise fundraising events to raise money from the local community and encourage volunteers and staff to get involved



Ideally we are looking for somebody who has fundraising experience in the charity sector, alternatively related experience in another area where the skills are transferrable into this sector. Additionally, as this role will involve a lot of communication, you’ll need to:

  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Be comfortable and confident in presenting and representing CAR to new audiences
  • Have excellent influencing and persuasion skills
  • Understand how to take advantage of Social Media platforms to accelerate CAR’s fundraising efforts
  • Be able to work with minimal supervision and craft new openings/opportunities for Income Generation for CAR


And we’ll reimburse expenses too.

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